Saturday, 11 January 2014


The following are guidelines for North Melbourne Books’ Community Message Board, which is found at the bottom of our monthly newsletter.  We don’t want our guidelines to sound too restrictive, but would request the following be considered before you submit. 

  • ·         Notices should be from non-profit and non-political organisations.
  • ·         We prefer notices that advertise events or activities in the North-West Melbourne area, or that would appeal to North Melbourne Books’ customers.
  • ·         Should a notice appear on an ongoing basis, we request that it be resubmitted every month.
  • ·         We prefer notices be kept to about 50 words or so. We are also happy to insert a hyperlink if required.
  • ·         Our Newsletter is posted to subscribers on the first day of every month.  To guarantee enough time for us to edit your notice, we’d prefer they are submitted by the 25th of every month. 

All submissions for the community notice board can be emailed to with ‘Community Message Board’ written in the subject line. For those who prefer pen and paper, notices can be dropped off in person at our shop address with your contact details attached.